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  • Rajesh R S

The Future is "Real", So be "UNREAL".

The Future is "Real", So be "UNREAL". Its a tough time for all of us being stuck at home fulltime in Quarantine and I feel like using this time in a productive way. So I found other ways to entertain myself by learning new software -A REAL-TIME ENGINE - UNREAL ENGINE 4.When I first started it was a bit tough for me since I am learning by myself referring online, also spending a lot of time to find some small pieces of stuff and options, settings, etc, that still continues... :) Started with one of my animation exercises, Elephant animation(keyframe)animated, Some issues I faced while exporting from MAYA to unreal as fbx so export as alembic to unreal engine and there I used market store and megascans assets, Camera in unreal is really cinematic and I really loved the camera settings and options... really wonder with the real time output and the frame rate, I have to say Unreal is really ReaL... I'm still in my learning path need to look at the Actor Blueprint and all...Please check out and hope you guys like it..please excuse the beginner's mistakes.. :)

Elephant Rig Credit -Truong Cg Artist

Unreal Cinematic Learning Inspiration - Alvaro García Martínez

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